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PABAS111 Laptop Battery
Toshiba PABAS111
[10.8V 4400mAh]

NZ$ 98.80

HSTNN-GB1T Laptop Battery
[10.8V 27WH]

NZ$ 123.50

J1KND Laptop Battery
Dell J1KND
[11.1V 48Wh/4400mAh]

NZ$ 117.00

K450N Laptop Battery
Dell K450N
[11.1V 4400mAh]

NZ$ 98.80

A1322 Laptop Battery
Apple A1322
[10.95V 63.5wh]

NZ$ 110.50

A1321 Laptop Battery
Apple A1321
[10.95V 73Wh]

NZ$ 117.00

AS10C5E Laptop Battery
Acer AS10C5E
[14.8V 6000mAh/8Cell]

NZ$ 137.80

PA3612U-1BAS Laptop Battery
Toshiba PA3612U-1BAS
[10.8V 4400mah]

NZ$ 102.05

A32-UL20 Laptop Battery
[10.8V 4400mAh/6Cell]

NZ$ 115.70

PA3782U-1BRS Laptop Battery
Toshiba PA3782U-1BRS
[10.8V 61WH/6Cell]

NZ$ 109.20

High Quality Brand Notebook & Laptop Battery Hot Selling Online

We offers All laptop batteries with high quality,low price, and All Brand laptop batteries are 100% compatible with your Brand Laptop.

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Wholesale Laptop Batteries is a Chinese owned wholesale and dropship company located in Shenzhen, China where is the World Electronics Center (Next to Hongkong). was the first a few company to offer electronics dropshipping direct from the Mainland China market. We¡¯re the representatives directly from many reputed China manufacturers of laptop parts.(Reputed China manufacturers only) We have strongest Quality control team to guarantee 100% Satisfaction on all our products, and every product will be sent to you in good condition. All our products sold on are coming with full 1 year warranty. Hopefully we would be your best online shop for all your laptop parts needs.

We are distributor of batteries and battery related accessories sold for export, wholesale, and retail worldwide. specializes in sourcing, stocking, and delivering a wide range of batteries and their accessories in a variety of chemistries from several manufactures. We have batteries for hundreds of laptops and notebooks, so please email us if your model is not listed, we will find it. Laptop batteries sold for export are shipped and/or delivered timely allowing customers to receive orders as soon as possible. Larger discounts are available when you select a quantity higher than 20, please feel free to contact for more information of the price or the size you want isn't listed.

1.Quality Control

We are operating under ISO9000 standard to ensure all our wholesale products at the high quality level.


All our wholesale rechargeable battery just produce in flash and new condition, the new items come with a minimum one-year warranty, but you will find that some items are guaranteed for a longer period by their manufacturers, this information is written on each item¡¯s page for clarification.

3.Fast Delivery

Our factories daily capacity more than 10,000 pcs to provide the fastest delivery and best service to our customers, most of our wholesale rechargeable battery are available for shipping within 3 business day. Shipping direct from China to major destinations (Europe, US, Canada, Australia, etc) typically takes only 5-10 days.

4.Low Price Battery

Every our wholesale product is offered direct from manufactures in China and sell small lots to oversea buyers at low factory prices, now you can buy the high quality rechargeable battery direct factory prices, righ here our online wholesale shop.

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